Welcome to SwasthyaCON-2020 Ahmedabad.... Thank you for your willingness to participate in the SwasthyaCON-2020 from 10th to 12th January 2020.

If you are participating in the educational program as an e-Recipe moderator or presenter, please take a moment to read the following information below.


An e-Recipe is an educational version of a recipe presentation. The e-recipe includes ingredients, amount, methods of preparation, nutritive value etc. of the recipe.


STEP 1: Presenter would get free registration to the SwasthyaCON 2020 (Registration will be taken care of by SwasthyaCON Committee on approval of e-Recipe)

STEP 2: Prepare your e-recipe formats.
Begin preparing your formats for e-Recipe. All. The e-Recipe includes ingredients, amount, methods of preparation, nutritive value etc of the recipes.

As given in the format. Sample attached below.

Recommended Format & Specifications for Preparation of Recipes:


  • 1. As an e-Recipe presenter you would have to submit word document at dietswasthya@gmail.com Presenter must make recipes out of ingredients list mentioned.
  • 2. In the given tables, enter ingredients used, macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fat, proteins - quantities).
  • 3. No more than 150-200 words of text in your recipe method.
  • 4. Add a picture of the Recipe prepared on the 3rd page of form with no effect on picture and picture size. Picture constrain (<50MB).

  • Logos, (college / institute name) company names or any commercial references are not permitted.

  • A. Round off numbers - cut decimal places.
  • B. As per the given tables ADD ONLY MAIN INGREDIENTS, other ingredients used, also mention condiments, spices and flavourings in the given table.
  • C. Substitute symbols for words -- $ is better than “dollars,” % is better than “percentage,” etc.
  • D. Abbreviate where possible without creating confusion.

E-recipe competition –

Open to Doctors, Delegates, Students, Healthcare providers, Friends with diabetes (diabetics) and to everyone willing to attend.

Recipe to be submitted in Word format by email. Recipe to be made using any 1 of the mentioned ingredients and as any one is the 7 categories of meals.

  • • Breakfast dish

  • • Mid-Morning snack.

  • • Lunch dish

  • • Supper soup or stew

  • • Dinner.

  • • Dessert.

Conditions for E-Recipe submission for students.

  • 1. The dishes made in categories of BREAKFAST, LUNCH or/and DINNER –
  • Must be a dish of approx. 300-450 kcals. Protein about 17-20 gms, Carbohydrates 25-30 gms and Fats <25gms.

    (Fats From healthy sources)*

  • 2. The dishes made in categories of MID - MORNING snack, SUPPER - SOUP - STEW, DESSERT, 4 - 6 PM SNACK – must be a dish of approximately 110 - 150 kcals.
  • Total Protein: 5-10 Gms. Total Carbohydrates: 10-15 gms Fats: >/=7gms.

    (Fats From healthy sources)*

  • 3. The Dish must be Diabetic friendly and keep in mind conditions of Overweight, Hyperglycemia and Hypertension.
  • 4. Mention Quantity (Amount)-Carbohydrate-Protein-Fat-Cost of ONLY the main ingredient used, ingredients like other vegetables, condiments, spices, sauces can be mentioned in recipe methodology and ingredients list.
  • 5. Recipe – methodology
  • 6. Provide Justification for every ingredient used from the ingredient List.

You can provide- research paper links, articles, nutritive value and cultural use for extra points, functional foods

List of Functional foods:

  • - Methi seeds

  • - Garlic

  • - Vinegar- plain OR apple cider vinegar

  • - Turmeric

  • - Tulsi

  • - Cloves

  • - Isabgol

On Day of Presentation:

  • • Report to Speaker Ready Room at least 4 (four) hours before the scheduled presentation time to verify (or edit if needed) that the correct version of slides are loaded in speaker network.

  • • Arrive at the meeting room minimum 15 minutes prior to the session to become familiar with the order of presenters.

  • • Check in with the A/V technician.

  • • Plan to answer questions during the Q&A panel portion of the session.

  • • Each presenter will have 4 minutes to speak at the podium, summarizing the content of their e-Recipe in a lightning round format. e-Recipes will be displayed at designated e-Recipe kiosks in the venue.

  • • Use support document (provided below) for calculations and nutritive values.

For any additional questions, contact:-

Dr. Yash Patel Org. Sec. SwasthyaCON +919586836069
Dr. Krishna Co-ordinator +91958663344
Dr. Rushvi Co-ordinator +919408770597
Dt. Alifiya Co-ordinator +917208599216