Welcome to SwasthyaCON-2019 Ahmedabad.... Thank you for your willingness to participate in the SwasthyaCON-2019 on 12th and 13th January 2019.

If you are participating in the educational program as an e-Poster moderator or presenter, please take a moment to read the following information below.


An e-Poster is an electronic version (PowerPoint) of a poster presentation. The e-Poster may include text, figures, charts, tables, images and artwork but not an audio, video or animation.


STEP 1: Presenter would get free registration to the SwasthyaCON 2019 (Registration will be taken care of by SwasthyaCON Committee on approval of e-Poster)

STEP 2: Prepare your slides for e-Poster presentation
Begin preparing your slides for e-Poster. All presentations must be in PowerPoint format (slides) and also saved in PDF Format. The e-Poster may include text, figures, charts, tables, images and artwork but not an audio, video or animation.

Recommended Format & Specifications for Preparation of Slides:


  • 1. As an e-Poster presenter you should prepare a PowerPoint presentation of upto a maximum of 5 to 8 slides.
  • 2. Set the slide size of the page to “On-screen show” in the page set-up section.
  • 3. Landscape style orientation (i.e. “Horizontal orientation”) and all information (i.e. text, data, photos, and figures) must be designed to appear within ONE window in first slide.
  • 4. Use Large Typeface for proper legibility while viewing from either 24” desktop monitors or 42”-60” floor-mounted monitors.
  • 5. The exact font sizes that you should use will depend on the size dimensions that you have used to set up the file.
    E.g. Use a minimum of 24 point type for lettering done in ALL Capitals SUCH AS THIS.
    Use a minimum of 32 point type for lettering done in capitals and lowercase Such As This.
  • 6. No more than 700-800 words of text in your poster.
  • 7. It is highly recommended that you use ARIAL / CALIBRI / TIMES NEW ROMAN / SANS SARIF font.
  • 8. Use high-contrast colours for lettering and do not place too much text on each page.
  • 9. Logos, (College/Institute Name) company names or any commercial references are not permitted.

  • 10. Round off numbers -- cut decimal places.
  • 11. Use a scale along either the horizontal or vertical axis of a graph / bar chart / column chart instead of numbers at the ends of bars or columns.
  • 12. Substitute symbols for words -- $ is better than “dollars,” % is better than “percentage,” etc.
  • 13. Abbreviate where possible without creating confusion.
  • 14. Delete footnotes -- introduce the information as part of the presentation.
  • 15. Omit sources, leaving them for the written paper.
  • 16. Omit lines that detract. Avoid underlines, excessive grid rulings, and unnecessary outlines.

Content of Slides for E-Poster:

Slide 1: Poster slide - Include all in short

  • • Title of the E-Poster

  • • Names and affiliations of all authors

  • • Introduction and Learning objective(s)

  • • Results including images and figures

  • • Conclusions/Key Messages

  • • Declaration of Conflict of Interest for all authors

  • • Contact details (optional), so that interested delegates may contact you

Slide 2: Title + Authors, Introduction & Objectives

Slide 3: Materials & Methods, Background

Slide 4 - 5: Lessons Learned, Solutions, Take Away

Slide 6 - 8: Results and Conclusions. (TAKE AWAY)

STEP 3: Advanced submissions required for e-Poster presentations

  • PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR E POSTER (PPT Format / PDF) DIRECTLY ON e-posterswasthyacon@gmail.com before 31st December 2018.
  • No online submissions will be accepted after 31st December, 2018.

STEP 4: Where and when to report for the scheduled presentation
Presentation dates and times for e-Posters are scheduled based on the track in which it is assigned. We will communicate to you the date & time of presentation through mail.

On Day of Presentation:

  • Report to Speaker Ready Room atleast 4 hours before the scheduled presentation time to verify (or edit if needed) that the correct version of slides are loaded in speaker network.

  • Arrive at the meeting room a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the session to become familiar with the order of presenters.

  • Check in with the A/V technician.

  • Plan to answer questions during the Q&A panel portion of the session.

  • 5. Each presenter will have 4 minutes to speak at the podium, summarizing the content of their e-Poster in a lightning round format. e-Posters will be displayed at designated e-Poster kiosks in the venue.

For any additional questions, contact

  • 1. Dr. Yash Patel - 9586836069, Org. Sec. SwasthyaCON-2019, Ahmedabad.
  • 2. Dr. Vishal Shah - 9924207969, Conference Coordinator - SwasthyaCON-2019, Ahmedabad